Favorite Podcasts: Teamistry

This is the first in a series of articles covering my favorite podcasts. This one covers Teamistry, now on it’s second season.

I’m starting this series off with Teamistry, both because it’s probably my current favorite, as well as it surprised me how much I liked it. Why? First, their description:

Teamistry is the chemistry of unsung teams that achieve the impossible

Honestly, I thought it would likely be a lot of BS management technique or silly team building ideas, etc. Teamistry is provided by Atlassian, a company who makes Jira (issue and project tracking software), Confluence (wiki), Trello (project managment), as well as Bitbucket (and other git software). So, given I work in tech, and am quite familiar with Atlassian, I had a bit of bias going in based on a lot of the software they make (i.e. for team/issue/project management). Instead, these are absolutely captivating stories! Yes, they are also about teams, but in a far more interesting way than so much of what gets published these days.

Gabriela Cowperthwaite is a superb host for this series, and has produced one of the most enjoyable podcasts I’ve listened to. The stories cover a wide range of companies and topics, and they unearth a lot of really interesting nuggets and unknown (to me at least) details. Whether the podcast is about the setup and people working on Edison’s big effort to light up a New York city block, the full backstory of the Google Maps team, or the “brilliant success of Shackleton’s failure” it does indeed show how these teams were able to do amazing things, but it also provides a great look at what I’ve found to be very interesting relatively recent historical events.

The other reason I rank this podcast so highly, is that I’ve loved every single episode. I had (wrongly) assumed that some of the episodes I might not care much about as the team/story didn’t appeal as much. But even these were just as fascinating. Don’t skip any! Teamistry is in season two now, and it continues to be stellar.

So, whether you are working on or care about teams or not, I’d recommend checking out Teamistry just for the enthralling stories alone. But, I suspect, even for someone like myself that is often skeptical of so much of today’s published management advice, the team piece has also wound up being quite interesting with some great takeaways.

Give it a listen, I think you’ll really enjoy it!

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